hayes exclusive “quik-connect” dual mated oem-hbc wiring harnesses. All hayes brake controllers include an exclusive hayes quik connector. Hayes provides a complete series of dual mated, oem specific-to-hayes wiring harnesses for simple installation. These oem harnesses cover all popular current and past model tow vehicle applications.

part no:
te5ec81780-hbc – chevrolet / gmc (2006-2003)
te5ec81782-hbc – dodge / chrysler (2007-1996)
te5ec81783-hbc – ford / mercury (2007 -1994)
te5ec81786-hbc – nissan (2007-2005)
te5ec81785-hbc – toyota (2007-2002)
te5ec81788-hbc – ford super duty (current – 2007)
te5ec81789-hbc – hayes universal

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