Multi-Voltage Regulated Trickle Charger: Trailparts’ Reliable Power Solution

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The E4344m connects to the supply via the brown (up to 30V) and white (0V Earth) wires. The load or battery is connected to the red(+14V) and black(0V Earth) wires. The output is both current limited and voltage regulated to 14.2VDC 3.0A. An internal diode blocks any reverse current flow. The E4344m is not a boost charger and will boost the voltage to higher than the supply.


Designed to regulate the charging of your auxiliary trailer battery. Use the E4344M for the following applications:

  • Charge 12V SLA auxiliary batteries
  • Allow multi-volt vehicle connections.
  • Limit current to the trailer to not overload circuits.
  • Block reverse current flow so other loads cannot cause battery discharge.

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