Trailparts Autofit Electric 3500kg Coupling: Heavy-Duty Towing for Maximum Performance


These couplings are rated at 3500kg, and are referred to as electric couplings because they don’t directly
operate trailer brakes on their own. They are often used with trailer brakes however; both with actuator driven
hydraulic brakes, and with controller driven electric brakes.


Autofit® braked couplings continue the benefits associated with this range, as shown on page 3. The overall height of the coupling is lowered significantly, with a plastic moulded handle reducing the possibility of expensive tailgate repairs and trailer damage. 3500kg rated.

Autofit TM coupling by Trailparts™ also boasts a number of entirely unique features, including:

  • The lowest profile cast coupling is available in NZ both when in use and when released.
  • The ability to adjust to fit both towball sizes available in NZ when sat on towball.
  • An automatic locking function to secure the coupling into the correct towball setting is required.

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