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The trailparts master cylinder was designed with 3 key criteria; to lower the height; to create the vehicle for incorporating a revised autoback reversing solenoid at lower cost; and to use commonly available parts. The low height theme continues with the design of the output to the brakes, being designed to be used with low profile and strong banjo hoses and fittings to reduce the risk of brakeline damage. These master sylinders are now supplied as standard on all trailparts and autofit braked couplings.


The Trailparts Premium Master cylinder is trailer builders first choice for hydraulic brakes. Designed in house to meet the needs of our customers it has many features that set it apart from regular master cylinders such as:

  • Trailparts 3/4″ Master Cylinder.
  • Low profile reduces the risk of knocks and damage.
  • Enables incorporating a revised Auto back reversing solenoid at a lower cost.
  • Uses commonly available parts.
  • Compatible with Banjo hoses and fittings to reduce the risk of brake line damage.

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