Multi Volt Trailparts Brake Controller: Get Maximum Control on the Trail

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Trailer mounted brake controller – multi volt

  • multi-volt 12-24 volt
  • sealed unit
  • compact design
  • simple wiring for ease of installation


the trailparts on trailer has adjustable gain settings, and is designed for use with electric drum brakes on trailers under 2500kg. It has several advantages over the other imported trailer mounted controllers such as;

  • multi-voltage capable input 12v or 24v
  • soft start wiring option – reduces the severity of initial braking by ramping up to full output over 0.50 Of a second.
  • sealed unit
  • compact design that measures only 65mm x 65mm
  • simple 3 wire hook-up makes them fast and easy to install

Additional information

Weight 1 kg