Galvanized Trailparts Spring Set Tri-Axle 610mm 3750kg – Eye/Slipper Equalizing

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spring set tri-axle 610 mm 3750 kg, eye/slipper equalising, galvanized

– tri-axle spring set, rated to 3750 kg.

– 610 mm long, 5 leaf springs, 50 mm wide with m16 eye bolt.

– eye/slipper equalising system, has minimum pivot points, which reduces maintenance.

– galvanized, suitable for marine applications.

– spring set consists of 6 springs and fitting kit which including hangers, slippers, rockers, axle plates, spring eye bolts and square u-bolts


This suspension uses the components from teh trailparts 610mm eye/slipper equalizing suspension but adds an extra axle. Simple to fit and with a minimum of pivot points ensures a low-maintenance high-strength tri-axle suspension option. Feature a wrapped second leaf for extra eye support fitting as shown are supplied when spring sets are ordered round u-bolts are available on request heavy centre hangers available on request finish galvanized capacity (set/6) 3750kg leaves 5

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Description Part # Qty
Springs 5 Leaf zinctech 1250kg/pair S3225 3
Centre hanger bracket – Eye/slipper rocker S3680H 2
Rocker arm galvanised – Eye/slipper rocker S3681 4
M8 retainer bolt / nyloc S3420 4
Rocker bolt / nyloc M20 x 130 mm – Eye/slipper rocker S3423 4
U-bolts square 123mmL x 51mmW inside x M12 Ø, Galv S3437 12
Axle plates 8 mm galvanised suits 50mm axle S3415 6
Spring Hanger 52 mm x 6mm x 17mm dia hole S3404 2
Spring Slipper 52mm Deep S3409D 2
Eye bolt / nyloc M16 x 90 mm S3422 2
Eye bolt / nyloc M16 x 100 mm S3424 4