Premium 3/4″ Hydraulic Backframe Assembly with Master Cylinder | Trailparts

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Trailparts premium hydraulic backframe assembly, 3/4″ master cylinder


the combination of these trailparts premium developed products deliver what every braked trailer user has been asking for; lower height. The lever is cast from high strength steel, and is simple and intuitive to use. The master cylinder was designed with 3 key criteria: to lower the height; to create the vehicle for incorporating a revised autoback reversing solenoid at lower cost; and to use commonly available parts – with all 3 having been achieved. In particular, the reversing solenoid for over-ride braked trailers, has become an affordable and desirable addition to every trailer braked this way

  • premium backframe assembly including trailparts c34 ¾” master cylinder
  • zinc plated

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