24V to 12VRMS 100A REDARC VRB5C 5 Circuit Trailer Lighting Reducer – Optimize Your Lighting!


A Multi-Circuit Trailer Lighting Reducer Designed to Power Incandescent and Led Trailer Lamps


The REDARC VRB5C Trailer Lighting Reducer is the next evolution in our long-serving and trusted range of truck and trailer voltage conversion products.

It is used in multiple trailer applications with a large number of lamps and is designed to be incorporated into the trucks electrical system, operating from a nominal 24VDC automotive supply and featuring five independent, current limited, unregulated 12V RMS channel outputs.

Each channel has a dedicated control input line which is designed to be driven from the vehicles primary 24VDC lighting circuits, being the tail, left and right indicator, stop and reverse lights.

All five output channels feature soft-start technology to promote the enhanced lifetime of filament lamps. 24VDC power is supplied to the reducer channels via a common positive supply input which is to be connected via a suitably rated fuse to the battery positive terminal.

The product features an electrically isolated case and requires a negative supply input to be connected to the battery negative terminal.

It is compact, lightweight, >95% efficient and well protected against short circuit outputs, supply voltage transients and environmental elements such as moisture and dust.


  • Power 12-volt trailer lighting systems from a 24v vehicle
  • Takes the place of VRB(REV), VRC, and VRZ(REV)
  • Designed for Australia’s harsh conditions


  • Sealed and suitable for commercial applications
  • Features inbuilt protection for long service life
  • 2x 360W and 3 x 180W channels
  • Works with incandescent and LED lamps

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  • Input Fuse Rating: 80A
  • Length (mm): 295
  • Width (mm): 120
  • Height (mm): 75
  • Input (Operating) Voltage: 18 – 32V DC
  • Output System Voltage: 12V RMS
  • Output Current Rating (Cont.): 31A