Narva 94210 LED Trailer Combination Rear Tail Lights – Bright & Durable Lighting Solution

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narva led stop tail indicator & reverse combination lights model 94210.

These are narva the original and the best produced under iso 9001 regulations, e and adr approved with in built retro reflectors.


Stand out from the rest with these super stylish trailer lamps from Narva. Built with rounded corners and a brightly tinted lens, this adr approved lamp set is built to look great on any trailer or utility vehicle and can be surface mounted with ease. Rather than the traditional halogen bulbs found in most lights, this Narva trailer lamp operates with a series of low draw, long-life led lights that give well dispersed, intense light. These led bulbs are sealed into a tough enclosure with an almost unbreakable polycarbonate lens, ensuring that no moisture enters the light, regardless of the installation and the driving conditions. This light is fully adr approved and includes a 0.5M cable for simple wiring. This particular light not only includes a stop lamp, indicator and two reflectors, but it also includes a reverse lamp neatly fitted within the system.

  • includes stop tail, indicator, reverse and twin retroreflector
  • virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • surface-mountable
  • adr approved
  • long life low current draw
  • intense led light spread
  • sealed lamp with 0.5M hard wired cable
  • multi-voltage circuitry for 12v or 24v operation

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 8 cm



Input Voltage Range: 9-33 Volt
Current draw: Indicator: 0.37A, Stop: 0.36A, Tail: 0.10A, Reverse: 0.60A
LP rating: IP66 and IP67
Size: 284 x 100mm
Candela rating: 57
ADR: 1/00 36685, 6/00 36683 (cat 2a), 47/00 36682, 49/00 36696