Narva 82054Bl 7 Pin Large Round Plastic Trailer Coupling Socket – Durable & Reliable Trailer Connector

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Narva 82054bl 7 pin large round plastic trailer coupling socket


Narva 7 pin round socket connector model 82054bl.

This is the standard 7 pin round socket required to connect your vehicle most caravans, camper trailers and some boat trailers, 7 pin round ‘quickfit’ trailer socket amp rating per pole 15a at 12v.

This socket does not surface mount, it is designed to be fitted onto your 7 (or 5) core trailer wiring and can be left inside your boot or inside the rear of the vehicle and be “hung out ” to be connected only when you are towing.

Ideal for those situations where it is difficult or impossible to permanently fit a surface mounted socket on the outside of the vehicle.

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