Magbrake 3 Trailer Mounted Electric Brake Controller: Get Maximum Control & Safety on the Road

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cms newly designed and compact magbrake3+ supersedes the magbrake3 and delivers smooth initial braking with preset output and the popular soft-start feature, then under heavier braking applications extra proportional boost increases brake performance, thus improved safety. Magbrake3+ sets a new benchmark in trailer-mounted controllers.


Magbrake 3 is the best and most feature-packed trailer-mounted controller on the market. New features smiley fully sealed – waterproof smart diagnostic feature 2 led’s to indicate power and brake functions multi-volt trailer mounted. The controller automatically adjusts to suit 12v and 24v vehicles. Short circuit and overload protection. Optional soft start. Optional reverse mute. Multi-volt 12v-24v. Soft start. Reverse mute. Designed and made in New Zealand exclusively for cm trailer equipment. Soft start (optional) time delay allows the braking effect to ramp up softly over a period of 0.60 Seconds. If this option is not utilised braking effect will engage immediately to the present level. Protect your livestock or fragile loads with soft start. Feel little or no jolting, as is experienced with other brands of on-trailer controllers. Reverse mute (optional) when reversing, the trailer brakes will not engage at all. Some people prefer this method. If this option is not utilised braking effect will be engaged. Built-in short circuit and overload protection fully sealed unit the electronics are all encased in urethane resin, which makes magbrake impervious to moisture and is vibration proof. The casing and wires are all sealed with free-flowing silicon. Compact design this is the most compact controller on the market. Faceplate size: 130mm long x 30mm high x 24mm deep. Easy to install simple to follow installation manual supplied. Maximum 4 wheel braking only suitable for trailers 2500kg glw and less

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


  • Soft start function
  • Smart Proportional Boost
  • Reverse mute (optional)
  • Multi-Volt 12v-24v
  • Short circuit & overload protection
  • Vibration proof and water proof
  • 2 LEDs show brake & voltage functions
  • Max 4-wheel braking
  • Suitable for trailers <2500kg GLW

Electrical Specifications





DC Input Voltage




Output Power



Output Current
@ 13.6V



Output Current
@ 27.2V