Kodiak Retro Disc Brakes Hydraulic 10″ 1500Kg – High Performance & Durability

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Kodiak retro hyd disc brake kit 10 in 5 stud – 1500kg standard calliper. Convert American drum brakes (electric & hydraulic) to hydraulic disc brakes. New bearings & seals. 2.25 In callipers. Ceramic brake pads. Wheel studs & nuts complete with mounting brackets & bolts.



Tired of seized or failed electric or hydraulic drum brakes now there is an easy solution with Kodiak retro disc brake kits that fit a lot of USA made trailers and are easy to install.
6-year warranty on stainless steel, 2-year warranty on all other parts. All callipers are individually tested to ensure years of quality
service, even in heavy saltwater conditions.
Kodiak callipers are the first to feature all corrosion-resistant hardware including;
stainless steel guide bolts and guide bolt sleeves, brass hardware on bleeders and inlet fittings.

developed for marine, RV, livestock and utility trailers
each kit contains:

  • 1 piece hub/rotor
  • taper roller bearings
  • stainless steel or plated 2.25&Rdquo; calliper
  • ceramic disc pads
  • mounting bracket
  • fasteners
  • wheel studs and nuts
  • hub seal
  • new hub cover with clear removable cap for ease of inspection of hub grease

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