Kodiak Hyd Disc 2000Kg: Get Maximum Value with the Kodiak Scad

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Hyd disc 2000kg kodiak value/scad e coated calipers are an entry level item and do not have any stainless steel components


e coated callipers are an entry level item and do not have any stainless steel components

  • now available to fit up to 6 stud 5 1/2” (140mm) pcd
  • guaranteed performance – exceeds csa-d313 test requirements
  • vented rotors – run cooler and improve braking performance
  • ceramic pads – improve performanceplus 50% – 100% longer pad life
  • longest warranty in the industry – 6 years stainless steel / 3 years silver cadmium plated. Conditions apply
  • large pistons – 2 1/4″, largest in the industry
  • large diameter rotors – 11″, 22% larger than the opposition, giving more braking force per revolution
  • stainless steel or dacromet finish cast iron rotors – choose between the two: stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance or dacromet cast iron rotors for the best value for money.
  • galvanised sg iron hubs– machined from quality sg iron castings and galvanised for maximum protection
  • proven reliability – over 20 uears in the automotive and 10 years in the trailer industry
  • park brake facility – stub axles also available with a twin mount to fit a mechanical park brake calliper (standard on 2000kg) required for trailers over 2500kg glw.
  • marine quality triple lip seals – all these disc brakes are fitted with triple lip marine quality seals for optimum wheel bearing protection.
  • fits most 13″ galvanised oem spoke boat trailer wheels and the majority of 14″, 15″ and 16″

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