Hella LED Jumbo Stop/Rear Position Lamp w/ Red Retro Reflector – Bright & Durable Lighting Solution

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Jumbo led multi-volt module designed to update existing jumbo or design-line lamps with enhanced definition technology (edt).


Jumbo led multi-volt module with inbuilt red retro reflector utilizing edt (enhanced definition technology) for the stop signal function. Designed to upgrade existing jumbo and surface mount design-line lamps.

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Voltage: Multivolt (9-33V DC).

Wattage: Stop – 9W, Rear Position – 2W

Protection: Reverse Polarity and 5.0kW Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS).

Cable Length: 20 centimetres

ADR No: 47/00, 49/00, 49/00

ADR Function: Retro Reflector (Red/Rear), Stop Lamp, Rear Position Lamp

CRN: 22948, 22514, 22513