Hella LED Jumbo Module Rear Direction Indicator Lamp with Red Retro Reflector – Bright & Visible!

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Jumbo led multivolt module designed to update existing jumbo or designline lamps.


Jumbo led multivolt module with inbuilt red retro reflector designed to upgrade existing jumbo and surface mount designline lamps

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Voltage: Multivolt (9-33V DC).

Wattage: 9W

Protection: Reverse Polarity and 5.0kW Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS).

Cable Length: 20 centimetres

ADR No: 6/00:Cat 2a, 47/00

ADR Function: Rear Direction Indicator Lamp, Retro Reflector (Red/Rear)

CRN: 23069, 22948