Hella 500 Series LED Front Direction Indicator ? Amber, Black | Bright & Stylish Turn Signals

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Led front direction indicator specifically designed for trucks, buses and motor homes. Features high-intensity leds and polycarbonate lens for superior light output and impact resistance.


Low power consumption – Long service life
Economical running costs

Tough under pressure
Completely sealed, maintenance free. Designed to withstand high pressure washing and temporary submersion.

Reliable – durable – ultra long service life
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance ensuring an ultra long service life.

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Voltage: Multivolt (9-33V DC)

Wattage: 8W

Mounting: Surface mount. Seals, grommets and screws included

Protection: Reverse Polarity and 1.5kW Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS). Sealed against dust and water ingress.

ADR No: 6/00:Cat 1

ADR Function: Front Direction Indicator Lamp

CRN: 36805