Hella 83mm Multi-Flash Amber LED Signal Lamp – Compatible & Bright!

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High-intensity, signal optic led lamp with single bolt mount specifically designed for emergency services. Features 10 programmable flash modes and synchronisation function with variable offset.


83mm diameter round led signal lamp with single bolt mount for emergency vehicles. This range of warning lamps has 10 programmable flash modes, and can be synchronised to flash alternately or in unison..

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Single bolt 1/4″ stainless UNC thread. Nut and washer supplied.


Multivolt for optimum brightness at input voltages from 9 to 33 volts.

Power Consumption

6W continuous (less in flashing modes).


Reverse polarity and voltage spike protection.
IP 6K7 (Protection against dust and temporary water immersion)
IP 6K9K (Protection against dust and high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)

Cable Length

Pre-wired with 2.5m of sheathed multi-core cable.


EMC e4 03 1681

Flashing Options

Steady-state The lamp operates as a continuous ON signal
Independent flash The lamp operates from an external flashing system
Flash state The lamp operates in the flash mode preselected by the user
Blitz state The lamp operates in a burst of quad flashes (pattern 4)
The blitz mode overrides the other operating modes and is triggered by switching the blue cable to the negative (-).