Hella Euroled Series Touch Dual Colour Interior Lamp – Black Cover: Illuminate Your Interior with Style

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White single led lamp with red led night light function with touch switching and dimmer functions. Manufactured from UV-resistant enhanced impact acrylic. Multiple lamps can be switched externally. Single and multiple lamps may be controlled by a momentary switch. Touch the colour pad for on/off, and hold your finger on the pad to cycle through dimming levels.


Easy lighting control
Touch white or red pads for on/off, and hold a finger to cycle through dimming levels. Can also be remotely operated from multiple points with ‘off the shelf’ ON/OFF/ON momentary switches. Holding one of the external switches for two seconds will synchronise the lamps to the same dimming level. Light levels are ‘remembered’ by the lamp’s circuitry, even when a vessel’s batteries are turned off. The lamp will always turn on at the colour intensity previously set, regardless of power interruption.

Glare diffusion without light loss
Advanced HELLA lens technology provides a safe, smooth and uniform light pattern, without glare, eye strain or discomfort.

Tough under pressure
Completely sealed, maintenance-free. Designed to withstand high-pressure washing and temporary submersion.

Reliable – durable – ultra-long service life
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance ensuring an ultra-long service life. 

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