Hella Duraled Rear Direction Indicator Lamp: Bright, Durable, and Reliable Lighting

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Led duraled rear direction indicator lamps for trucks, buses, caravans and trailers. Features hella ultra wide visibility optics for significantly improved side visibility.


The now iconic DuraLED® range revolutionised the safety of the New Zealand and Australian transport fleets. First conceived and field trialled by HELLA New Zealand in 1998, our radical pursuit to create a range of ‘Fit and Forget’, highly visible LED Marker and Signal Lamps, permanently lowered the cost of ownership for our fleets and made our roads safer.
‘Fit & Forget’ by Design is a HELLA no-compromise philosophy and commitment to design for long-term durability and safety. Products that carry the DuraLED® name will outlast the life of the vehicle.
Whilst keeping its design heritage and appearance the DuraLED® range has been continuously upgraded to the latest material and electronic component technology.

Suitable for trucks, buses, caravans and trailers

Tough under pressure
Completely sealed, maintenance free. Designed to withstand high-pressure washing and temporary submersion.

Reliable – durable – ultra-long service life
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance ensuring an ultra-long service life.

Hella Compatibility Solution HCS
Hella P/N 2151-VCS features HCS Technology, patented indicator failure control technology that allows seamless communication with HELLA HCS control flasher units, or modern European trucks with body controllers compliant with the ISO 13207-1 standard. Please click on HCS above for further information.

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Two-hole surface mount with mounting bushes supplied.
Suitable for vertical mounting.


Multivolt for optimum brightness at input voltages from 9 to 33 volts.

Power Consumption

2151-V: 6W
2151-VCS: 4W


Reverse polarity and 5000-watt Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS).
IP 6K6 (Protection against dust and high-pressure water jets)
IP 6K7 (Protection against dust and temporary water immersion)

Cable Length

Pre-wired with 2.5m of sheathed multi-core cable.