Genuine ALKO 629602 Thrust Bearing Kits for Jockey Wheel – Shop Now!


AL-KO jockey wheels include a serviceable part called a thrust bearing. Sticking or grinding when raising or lowering the jockey wheel is a typical sign that your thrust bearing and washers are due for replacement and the shaft is due for a clean.


Normally when your jockey wheel gets a bit “grindy” it’s time to pull the winder handle off drop the inner leg out and change the thrust washer as it’s safe to say it’s gone at this point. To replace it it’s just a simple matter of getting a hold of an AL-KO Thrust Bearing, apply a generous glob of grease, then clean up the winder shaft before re-lubricating it before putting it back together for a silky smooth new wind.

In this quality kit, you’ll the top and bottom washer & the bearing providing a simple fix for not a whole allot of dollars.

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  • Model: 450-00644, 006440, 30430100
  • Brand: Alko
  • The outside diameter is 31.5mm and the inside dia is 16.3mm (5/8inch +).
  • Shipping Weight: 40 grams.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 3 cm x 3 cm x 1 cm.

The AL-KO thrust bearing kit includes

  • 1 x thrust bearing
  • 1 x top washer
  • 1 x bottom washer