Duraled Combi-S Stop/Rear Position/Rear Direction Indicator/Reversing Lamp – Enhance Your Vehicle’s Safety & Visibility

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Duraled combi-s 24v


The duraled combi-s lamp features all the specs of the popular 2380 in a new slim design with a depth of only 25mm. The lens is made of grilamid the swiss made high-performance polyamide. This superior performance material offers unmatched resistance to impact, long term UV exposure and commonly used chemicals.

Hellas fit and forget by design philosophy ensures the service life of this lamp is aimed to outlast the life of your vehicle. The new slim duraled combi-s is covered by our lifetime warranty.

The now-iconic duraled range revolutionised the safety of the New Zealand and Australian transport fleets. First conceived and field trialled by hella New Zealand in 1998, our radical pursuit to create a range of fit and forget, highly visible led marker and signal lamps, permanently lowered the cost of ownership for our fleets and made our roads safer.

tough under pressure
completely sealed, maintenance-free. Designed to withstand high-pressure washing and temporary submersion.

reliable durable ultra-long service life
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance ensuring an ultra-long service life.


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