Brighten Your Trail with Cm Trailers LED Tail Lamp Combo BL1501


Cm Trailers LED Tail Lamp – Combo BL1501 & BL1502 (Number Plate Light)


Pair BL1502 & BL1501 twin pack
The all-new innovative design is a modern rear combination lamp – including a number plate light.
They are designed for a wide range of applications.
Featuring high-reliability LEDs, the advanced optics provide Full Form Signal Illumination for increased safety and awareness. The body makes this lamp a perfect fit for many OEM and retrofit applications

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  • Functions Stop/Tail/Indicator/Number Plate Light
  • Voltage 10-32V DC Varivolt TM
  • Current @ 12V DC Stop: 1W Tail: 0.2W Indicator: 1W
  • Mounting Surface mount, sealed studs
  • Lens Material Polycarbonate
  • Environmental Protection IP68
  • Cable Length 0.5M
  • Applications Trailers – Boat Trailers – Caravans – Light Trucks
  • Compliance ADR Compliant Functions
  • Stop & Tail: 49/00 Indicator: 6/00 Reflector: 47/00
  • Size – 101mm x 101mm x 20mm
  • Mount screws 53mm