2.25 Inch Cm Trailers Kodiak Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper – High Performance & Durability

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Cm Trailers Kodiak Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper – 2.25 Inch



All Kodiak callipers are of a low-drag design. This retracts the piston further than the competition which equates to cooler running brakes. All 100% high and low pressure tested.

  • stainless steel callipers – stainless steel for the ultimate braking performance in saltwater marine applications. All parts are stainless steel except for the fittings which are all brass – these callipers should never seize
  • dacromet finish callipersideal for non-marine applications. Fitted with a hollow stainless steel piston, stainless steel slides and mounting bolts, brass bleeders and a port adapter.
  • e-coated callipers- these are entry-level callipers with stainless steel components, the body is e-coated offering good value for money.
  • the longest warranty in the industry
  • ceramic disc pads – extreme performance carbon-ceramic pad has superior performance, exceptional corrosion protection and longer service life.
  • stainless steel clips.
  • low dust.
  • 50% – 100% longer life. Test results to see jz681.
  • slotted and chamfered pad.
  • double-coated polyurethane on the backing plate for maximum corrosion protection.
  • integrally moulded construction – hot moulded integrally into the backplate.
  • these callipers will not retrofit any other rotor, other than Kodiak.

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