Disc Brake Kit: Cm Trailers BrakeRite Hydraulic Actuator 1000psi

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Original BrakeRite EHB РA proven track record of performance and reliability! Designed to be hard-wired into your trailers electrical system. All components are contained under BrakeRite’s cover.


  • Pressure Ratings
    1000psi maximum output designed for drum brakes.
  • Fast Response Time –
    .4 second (400ms) response to begin dynamic braking. 1500psi in 1 second.
  • High Volume Pump/Motor –
    This gives high-speed delivery to begin applying the brakes
  • Sealed Reservoir –
    The reservoir is sealed from the atmosphere and has diaphragms to compensate for changes in fluid volume – this keeps moisture and contaminants out of the fluid.
  • Designed for Prolonged Use –
    The circuit board is designed to withstand prolonged application (15 minutes).
  • Breathable Unit –
    The BrakeRite is not sealed and allows the enclosure to breathe – if moisture is present it evaporates and dries out with use.
  • Protected Circuit Board –
    The circuit board is coated to prevent damage from moisture and mold.
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

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  • BrakeRite Actuator 12 Volt
  • 17amp Battery and Box
  • Breakaway Switch