Secure Your Trailer with Heavy-Duty Cm Trailer Coupling Lock HD

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Trailer coupling lock. 2 Position hd

  • secures trailer when attached or unattached from vehicle
  • includes 40mm brass padlock with 2 keys
  • ideal for protecting caravans and trailers at home or boat/jet ski trailers at the boat ramp


Preventing your caravan or trailer from being stolen is easy with the cm trailer coupling lock. When a trailer/caravan is attached to a vehicle the lock fit easily under the tow ball with the locking bar going over the top of the trailer coupling. This effectively secures your trailer to your vehicle, making it impossible for someone to detach without a key. If you want to secure an unattached trailer the locking bar can be adjusted so the lock fits into the space usually occupied by the tow ball on a coupling. This prevents anyone from attaching your trailer to a vehicle and making off with your equipment. The kit also includes a 40mm lock with two sets of keys. Make sure your caravan is where you left it with the cm trailer coupling lock.

This heavy duty trailer coupling lock has dual functionality as it can be used to lock the coupling whilst the trailer is attached to vehicle or not attached to vehicle.

The coupling lock design incorporates a secure housing to enclose the padlock and reduce the likelihood of it being tampered with.

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