Premium ALKO Jockey Wheel – 230mm European With Nose Load Indicator


The Premium Jockey Wheel is designed for use with motorised caravan movers and features extra-wide, grooved rubber tyres, swing arm suspension and an integrated load indicator to gauge the nose weight of the caravan. This saves time and effort in preparing for your journey.


AL-KO 48mm dia shaft, Quality jockey wheel with NOSE LOAD indicator.

This is ideally suited for use with Caravans fitted with motor-movers due to its strength, integrated suspension and large removable solid rubber wheel.

  • Industrial thrust bearing give smooth operation at all times,
  • Removable crank handle,
  • A¬†perfect replacement for any 48 mm dia assembly,
  • The scale shows from 50 kg to 200kg,
  • Static Load Capacity 200KG
  • All go to make this a unique quality product.
  • The wheel is 230mm dia x 80mm wide.
  • Bore is 20mm dia x 95mm wide
  • Height from ground to handle Min 600mm max 830mm

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