ALKO iQ7 Xtreme 1000 C/W EVO Controller: The Ultimate in Power and Control


The Alko iQ7 Xtreme is the latest in power-assisted braking, designed to significantly improve stopping performance and safety for trailers with hydraulic brakes, especially large boat trailers.

It allows immediate brake application the instant it is required. And iQ7 Xtreme includes inbuilt breakaway technology to stop your trailer if it becomes detached from the tow vehicle. No other parts are required.


In addition, Alko iQ7 Xtreme enables you to meet the legal requirement that all trailers with a loaded weight exceeding two tonnes (2.5 tonnes in New Zealand) must incorporate power-assisted brake application.
Until recently the most popular solution was to fit a vacuum or compressed air system to the tow vehicle, but not only is this very expensive it often also means that the warranty of the tow vehicle is voided.

Fitting the Alko iQ7 Xtreme system allows the legal use of hydraulic disc brakes for towed vehicles and trailers over 2 tonnes in Australia and 2.5 tonnes in New Zealand, and also provides superior stopping performance.

The bottom line is you’ll enjoy superior safety and peace of mind while knowing Alko iQ7 Xtreme has been designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, backed by Alko’s global expertise in towing safety.

When an emergency braking situation occurs, the common downfall of some earlier electro-hydraulic brake actuators was time-lag or delayed response time.

This is due to the delay in receiving a signal from the controller and the time taken for the electric drive motor to pump enough fluid to activate the master cylinder.

Alko has addressed this, not only through its advanced XTREME electronic controller but, by utilising a compressed air reservoir to provide instant activation of the hydraulic master cylinder. This has resulted in an unparalleled response time.

Only Alko iQ7 Xtreme stores compressed air within a pressure chamber, allowing immediate brake application the instant it is required.

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  • Maximum output pressure 1000 psi
  • Response time 0 – 1000 psi 0.29 sec
  • Weight 6.5kg
  • Height 255mm
  • Length 350mm
  • Width 185mm
  • Control type –¬†EVO brake controller