Reduced braking distance: Always optimally adjusted brakes

Braking distance costs time. Invest in the AAA automatic brake adjuster – AL-KO AAA brakes can be retrofitted to wheel brakes 2051 (from 1999 model year).

Whenever the brake has excess play, the AAA automatically readjusts. The wheel brake remains optimally adjusted as standard: The robust system is unchanged apart from the adjustment function.

The premium brake which adjusts itself

  • The existing wheel brake, with its above-average braking values, is improved by the automatic adjustment function.
  • Adjustment is disabled when reversing.
  • Suitable for wheel brake types 2051 (from 1999 model year) and therefore for most caravans with AL-KO axles
  • Quick and easy conversion with a pre-mounted AL-KO screw system suitable for AL-KO axles
  • Your advantage:
  • Greater driving safety: With a braking distance that is up to 5 m shorter
  • Greater ride comfort: Thanks to smooth, jerk-free braking
  • Lower maintenance costs: Due to extended service intervals and dispensing with the first workshop visit after 1000 km
  • No requirement to present to the inspection authorities once again following installation

The set includes:

  • – anchor plate
  • – brake shoes 200×50 + springs
  • – expansion lock (expander)
  • – brake adjustment
  • – regulator pawl
  • – spring leaf
  • – reversing machine
  • – retracting spring tensioning device
  • – towing eye of the brake cable
  • – cable resistance (half shell)
  • -Setup adjustment done with the Park Brake Lever

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