Alko Zinc 700Mm Hex Drive Corner Steady: Durable & Reliable Support for Your Home

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Corner steadies are not designed to be used as a jack or as a method of lifting the trailer off the ground. They are designed to stabilize the trailer or caravan when stationary. 700Mm corner steady – has a front hex drive & is zinc plated.


700mm caravan corner steady is one of the common and most useful trailer essentials. A corner steady provides matchless stability to your boat trailer like no other hardware does.

700Mm caravan corner steady from alko is also available in a galvanised version.

Simply fitting this tool that has a slotted head socket to your trailer gives you many advantages. For instance, you can ensure a smooth ride with the device’s wind-resistant capacity.

Essentially, the robust tool provides absolute sturdiness to the caravan, even with people moving inside the vehicle. You can attach the corner to the slotted head socket on your trailer, either by welding or using bolts. Subsequently, it provides mobility in several directions, up to a few inches.

The corner steady legs are adjustable and have a front adjustment feature. The 700 mm-long caravan corner steady hex head is ideal for vehicles with a wheel size of 15-19 inches.

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– Genuine AL-KO Part 654701

– Suitable for Higher Clearance & Big Off-Road Vans as a Front Support

– 700 mm of Adjustable Height

– 95 mm Closed Height Perfect Low Clearance Options

– 340 mm of Mounting Area

– All Steel Construction with Zinc Plating for Durability

– 17-mm Standard Hex Wind Nut

– Has Bracket to Various Take Leg Beds or Leg Supports