Alko Shock Absorber Black Suit Single Beam/Tube Axle – Get Maximum Comfort & Stability!

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  • Made for NZ/Aus Alko axles
  • Improved ride comfort and road holding
  • Replacements for 658005
  • Mounts not included
  • Mimensions
    • 250mm closed
    • 380mm extended
    • 10mm bolts


Alko shock absorber for use on beam axle & leaf spring suspensions.

When a traditional axle requires an improved smoother ride, shock absorbers are an economical and simple enhancement.

Rough roads and corrugations can cause vibration that can cause premature failure of trailer components, shock absorbers are a possible solution to improve the spring rate in relation to bumps in the road and reduce the amount of vibration.

Please note adding shock absorbers does not increase the carrying capacity of the suspension.

Length closed: 250mm
Length open: 380mm
Capacity: 650Kg (1300Kg/pair)

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Rated at 1300Kgs

Suits Beam Axles and 60mm Wide Springs

Damping Road Shocks

Direct Reduction of Dangerous Jolts

Greater Driving Stability

Greater Braking Stability

Optimum Ground Contact

Bot and Nut Included

Length: 290mm

Eye to Eye Length: 255mm

Diameter: 46mm

Closed: 255mm

Open: 380mm

Bolt size: 12mm