Sensabrake system ht1400 – manual transmission. The sensabrake ht-1400 has been designed specifically for trailers exceeding 3.5 Tonne. With optional upgrades to include abs and load sensing technologies the actuators are perfect for compliance with ltnz’s heavy vehicle brake rule. An extremely high performance brake actuator with the power to stop trailers with a gvm of up to 8 tonne, the ht-1400 brings technology to the under ten tonne market that has previously been available on only high end products. The sophisticated self contained air-over-hydraulic actuaton system uses a built in compressor that is totally independant of the tow vehicle. A feature which allows the braking system to be utilized of tow vehicles that are not fitted with on-board air. Alike other sensabrake actuators, the systems control interface is the patented evo controller which is installed in the tow vehicle, and legally required break-away system is a fully integrated part of the actuator. High performance solenoid valves and smart design have resulted in the ht-1400 being able to generate full operating pressure in 0.29 Seconds. Sensabrake systems are designed for simple installation and operation, accordingly a four wire hookup (standard actuator), one hydraulic line an four bolts are all thats required to complete the actuator installation. Maximum output pressure = 1400 psi response time 0 – 1400 psi = 0.29 Sec weight = 6.0Kg height = 255mm length = 270mm width = 170mm

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