Genuine ALKO Brake Cable Pulley – 323023 | High Quality & Durable

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ALKO Genuine Brake Cable Pulley – 323023


Caliper pulley secures the brake cable line to the trailer chassis rail. Cable pulleys can be welded or screwed to the frame and prevent the cable from becoming fouled.

Cable pulley accommodates 4mm stainless or zinc cable and increases the braking efficiency of the caliper when aligned correctly.

Some manufacturers use 1/2 a chain link welded to the body of the boat trailer or caravan.

This pulley lifts the brake cable higher so that it will not foul and prematurely apply braking pressure to the braking mechanism.

The use of a cable pulley further removes unnecessary fiction thereby making braking more efficient.

Cable pulleys are usually reserved for caravans while a galvanised 1/2 link is welded to boat trailers.

Cable pulleys are zinc plated, not stainless. I do not believe a stainless pulley is available on the australian market.

Tip: your caliper cable should follow the chassis rail, so this pulley needs to be installed near the corner where the chassis rail changes the angle.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in