AL-KO Electric Drum Brake – Magnet Off Road: Get Maximum Braking Power for Your Vehicle

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AL-KO Electric Drum Brake – Magnet Off Road



For Offroad applications AL-KO has developed a unique magnet specifically designed to prolong magnet life. This magnet is identified by a special high-tech plastic core in the centre of the magnet

This core should be periodically inspected for wear and the magnet replaced if wear is evident. As the off road magnet does not use a magnet retaining clip, we suggest it is held in place for service installation by a light rubber band which will disintegrate on the first brake application.

  • These magnets will fit AL-KO Hayes & Dexter Electric Brakes
  • LH or RH Options
  • 10″ or 12″ Options

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Brake Drum Size

Drum Brake 10" Electric, Drum Brake 12in Hydraulic


Left Hand, Right Hand