European Alko Jockey Wheel with Maneuvering Handle – Easily Maneuver Your Trailer!

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Alko Jockey Wheel – European – Maneuvering Handle


Alko Jockey Wheel Grip Handle Invaluable as a manoeuvring aid, this solid handle is ideal for easier and quicker movement of your caravan. The Alko Jockey Wheel Grip Handle assists with the manoeuvring of your caravan. This handle removes the requirement to manoeuvre the caravan from less desirable places such as the coupling head or directly from the drawbar. The 2 piece Alko Jockey Wheel Grip Handle screws together, clamping snugly to all 48mm diameter jockey wheels. As an added advantage, the jockey wheel grip handle will help to prevent loss of the jockey wheel through the clamp in transit, should it be insufficiently tightened.

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