Alko Hydraulic Brake Hose 3/8 Unf Female Male – High Quality & Durable Brake Hose

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Alko hydraulic brake hose 3/8 unf female male


Flexible hydraulic line connectors3/8 inch male to male or male to female connectors..

Flexible line connectors are used to join hydraulic line to hydraulic brake components and master cylinders.

Flexible connectors are approximately 40cm long.

If you find your disc brakes or hydraulic cylinder leaking then it is likely you have screwed the 3/8 inch nut on your hydraulic lines directly into a component that requires an adaptor nut to complete termination.

Teflon tape is recommended to be use don all fittings because disc brakes can be either made from steel and be coated in dacroment or gal. Brass is not a suitable metal for bonding hence the use of teflon tape is recommended

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