Genuine ALKO 630020 Trailer Bearing Protector Bearing Buddy – Keep Your Trailer Rolling Smoothly!

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A bearing protector not only automatically lubricates your bearing but also protects your bearing from water and dust ingress ultimately ensuring your bearing has a longer life.

Suits hubs with a 45mm diameter bearing housing.


Replaces grease cap and once full of grease keeps bearings lubricated. Eliminates premature bearing failure by keeping moisture out and bearings full of grease as grease is under slight pressure. Quick and easy to install. Other sizes to suit most trailers. Large grease capacity.

Bearing protector kit
suits standard trailer hub with nominal 45.2Mm diameter bearing housing

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 6 cm


AL-KO Brand

High Quality Chrome Plated Construction

Grease Overflow Hole in Each Protector to Allow Surplus Grease to Escape

Protect Your Bearings from Dirt & Water

Convenient Grease Nipple

Ideal for Boat Trailers, Box Trailers, Car Trailers and Horse Floats

1 Pair to do both LHS and RHS hubs on 1 axle

One Pair with Red Dust Covers

Suit Most 1-3/4″ (45mm) Trailer Hubs

1. Clean and remove any burrs from the hub bore.
2. Pack the hub bore and the Bearing Protector with grease before initial installation.
3. Place a small block of timber over the Bearing Protector, and tap on the timber with a hammer until Bearing Protector is firmly seated in the front hub bore.
4. Fill the Bearing Protector with grease through the nipple until the piston is pushed about halfway to its limit.

Caution: Do not over-grease or the Bearing Protector will be forced out and the grease will escape through the rear of the hub.