Al-Ko Jockey Wheel 250Mm Power Mover

Al-Ko Jockey Wheel 250Mm Power Mover

Al-Ko Jockey Wheel 250Mm Power Mover. Perfect For Manoeuvring Heavy Caravans And Trailers The Al-Ko Power Mover Is Ideal For Directing Single Axle Caravans Into Tight Spaces. Al-Ko Power Mover Features A Ratchet Mechanism Which Will Allow The User To Simply Ratchet The Caravan Forwards Or Backwards With Minimum Fuss Using The Supplied Ratchet Handle. A Great Back Saving Device This Product Is Ideally Suited To People Who Have A Tight Garage Or Parking Spot To Place Park Their Rv And Require The Added Control Of The Power Mover.

Key Features:

250Mm Solid Rubber Tyre
Heavy-Duty Power Mover With Ratchet System Saves Your Back
Ideal For Backing Your Caravan Into Tight Spaces


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The Al-Ko Power Mover Is The Easy And Convenient Way To Move Any Caravan Or Trailer Without Back Breaking Effort. The Ratchet Drive Mechanism Of The Al-Ko Power Mover Is Strong Enough To Move The Caravan Or Trailer Even Up Small Inclines. For Correct And Safe Use Please Follow The Operating Instructions Below: 1. Engage Caravan/Trailer Park Brake Or Chock Wheels The Downhill Side. 2. Secure The Al-Ko Power Mover To Your Caravan/Trailer Drawbar. 3. Lower The Power Mover To The Painted Line The Telescopic Tube. 4. Select Directional Settings The Two Pawls (See Instructions Below). 5. Fit Or En Gage The Power Mover Traction Handle. 6. Carefully Release The Caravan/Trailer Park Brake. 7. Raise And Lower The Traction Handle For Controlled Easy Movement. The Al-Ko Power Mover Is Equipped With Two Directional Pawls. With The Power Mover Securely Fixed To The Trailer Or Caravan Drawbar Move Both Of The Spring Loaded Pawls In The Direction You Wish The Trailer To Move. This Should Be Done Before Any Effort Is Applied To The Traction Handle. Ensure The Power Mover Is Lowered To The Painted Ring Around The Fork Of The Unit As Under Heavy Loads And Extended The Height, Damage Will Occur To The Telescopic Tube Of The Power Mover

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